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En.PedalBrain.comPedal Brain is an iPhone app that will turn your trusty smartphone into a cycling computer. Nothing more and nothing less.


That doesn’t necessarily make it as appealing as these apps that make for sharing data just by bumping two iPhones together, or the ones for finding bargains in your immediate vicinity. But the ones leading lives that are anything but sedentary are making the best out of it for sure.

This app will be particularly suited to coaches and teams because of its advanced realtime data acquisition capabilities. Besides, the app makes for synced training sessions. That is, you can enter a workout via the web and it will become immediately viewable on your iPhone, and vice versa: if you enter a workout on your smartphone, anybody will see it on the WWW.

Before finishing, I feel it is very important to say that this app works equally well for iPod and iPhone users. The information itself is stored online and it can be retrieved anytime in SRM and WKO + formats.

All in all, quite a useful app for the more athletic among you. And the ones who fall definitely outside of that category (like I do, and I hung my head in shame) have an excellent excuse to don some sports gear, grab a bicycle and strike out. In Their Own Words

“At Pedal Brain we believe power is achieved through data and it’s why we’ve built the most advanced realtime data acquisition and processing system for cyclists, coaches and teams. It’s a revolutionary step forward for cycling.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes a healthy activity instantly accessible.

Some Questions About

How much does it cost? Will other mobile devices ever be supported?

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