en.Lernu.net – Reviving Esperanto

en.Lernu.netIf like me and many others out there, you thought the chimerical fabrication of a language that is called Esperanto was dead, you’re wrong. Take one glance at Lernu and you’ll see that Esperanto is alive and kicking, or at least trying to be.

Lernu is your go to place for all things Esperanto. If you don’t even know what Esperanto is, Lernu’s the perfect place to start. You’ll first be briefed about the goals of Esperanto—to form a neutral, universal language, to facilitate communication, to promote tolerance. After that, you can go on to the lessons. Take a dip into the grammar, learn words, play games, and take the tests. Then you’ll be able to say things like ‘Bonveno!’ and ‘vespermango’ (welcome and supper, respectively). There are even recorded pronunciations which can be downloaded, a library with music and films, and you’ll also find a Lernu instant messenger so you can chat in real time with fellow Esperanto speakers. Check it out to find out what this means: La suno brilas. Tre bone!

en.Lernu.net In Their Own Words

“lernu! is a multilingual website which aims to inform internet users about Esperanto and help them to learn it, easily and free of charge.”

Why en.Lernu.net It Might Be A Killer

You’ve got to admit the site is fun. Esperanto is a fascinating language with idealistic goals behind it. Lernu has everything you’d want to learn a language. It’s thorough and easy to navigate, and it really helps you learn.

Some Questions About en.Lernu.net

If Esperanto hasn’t really made it big already, what’s the point? I doubt you’ll be able to travel the world with Esperanto alone. Not enough people speak it, and less people will be motivated to learn it. en.Lernu.net