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En.Glamya.comEverybody jokes about using Photoshop in order to get his pictures in shape, but not that many can actually sit down and edit them successfully. Well, that is not a problem any longer.


A service such as Glamya is here to let you have your photos prettified as much as you might fancy.

Glamya lets you upload any image of yours and have it edited by professionals who know what they are doing, and who know how to do it fast at that. And the way everything is structured is really nice, as you are actually holding a contest for everybody to participate in.

The one direct advantage this has is that your image will actually be edited by several people, each lending his unique touch to it. You will consequently have a lot of alternatives to choose from, and you will pay only one designer when the contest has ended and receive the high quality version of your retouched image. You will pay nothing to the ones who participated and whose work you didn’t like. In Their Own Words

“With glamya you have access to thousands of designers. Within a beauty retouching contest the designers put your wishes into practice. Your picture will be retouched by experienced designers and you can choose the best one from a variety of retouched pictures. You determine everything when running a beauty retouching contest: upload your picture, select what you want to have retouched and choose how much you are willing to invest for it and – glamya!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings the beautifying power of Photoshop into the hands of everybody.

Some Questions About

How long can these contests run?

Author : Roger Hollings

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