Start A Revolution – How Employee Satisfaction Determines Your Company’s Success

Keeping your employees happy in the workplace is always important, but nowadays in the social media world it can prove to be vital to keeping a positive image. A lackluster approach to a unified direction for the team’s values and goals can really muddy up that image and send customers heading for the hills.



The performance of your team and the way your brand is interpreted will be affected, and letting social media put a negative spin on things is unacceptable. Hold on to the reigns, and take control of the situation. A little body work never hurts and employee satisfaction is well worth the effort.


Bring about a new era into the workplace. When things get stale, people begin to lose their drive and willingness to keep pushing onto new horizons. A few company meetings and some brainstorming on the dry erase board just aren’t going to cut it. Give the change some substance. People want things to stay fresh, but sometimes will fear change if there in uncertainty or doubt. Let there be something to fall in behind, a way for people to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else. In other words, a companywide e-mail with another new mission statement doesn’t stir about the eagerness to start something new. Make everyone believe in the change with enthusiasm and passion in order for them to share the same feelings.


The new dawn of your business doesn’t have to be in the product. Let the old standards be shown for what they were, old. Invite insight from your employees to give a feeling of contribution to the evolving nature. Feedback can help you see where things stand, and where things have been falling short, so keep an open mind.


It is imperative to stay on top of your new form. Many people avoid change because of the vagueness of what the actual direction is. The key to a smooth transition from old to new is transparency. Let the strategy be well known to your employees. It is hard to be excited about something you don’t actually understand, and very easy to fall in line with something that comes with ease and comfort. So make sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable with what lies ahead.


The excitement can easily spill over into your marketing strategy as well. The consumer likes a fresh idea just as much as your employees, so let your new ways be shared. The mystery of change is good, and it can really turn heads in your direction.


The combination of your new movement with the consumer market should be used in your favor. Let the market needs steer your movement in their direction. Don’t get consumed in the happiness and fun that this change can bring and lose sight of your customers’ needs. Let this revolution work for you on both ends, and let the two join on the common grounds of your product. The success that can be reached with giving your employees confidence in your ideas and making it easier for them to also trust in what they are doing.


A happy working environment can be good, but an excited and driven one will produce results. Make sure things never get stale, and that the strategy for success is evident to all.


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