EmPivot.com – The New Green Media

EmPivot.comHere’s another one for the go green, save the Antarctic ice shelf set. The unlikely title is emPivot and it’s not your usual this-is-how-you-can-save-the-world-live-green affair.

Rather it’s like YouTube, but greener. emPivot is part empowerment, and part free wheeling, good old fashioned faith in freedom and expression. And it’s amassed quite an impressive array of videos so far. The video content featured on emPivot all have a direct link to, you guessed it, the environment, natural resources, energy, sustainability, and all the green sexiness you can handle. Anybody can signup—companies, organizations, you. Once you’ve registered, uploading and viewing content is easy. It’s one small step for the environment, but it’s something.

EmPivot.com In Their Own Words

“emPivot.com is a video sharing website and a powerful aggregator of green-related media content for anyone and everyone to access on-line. Our diverse community of users (people, organizations, and companies) can upload video content, connect with each other to share media, and utilize our strong video search engine to find the most relevant green-related video content from emPivot.com and the rest of the web. As a result emPivot.com empowers the world to view green from every possible angle.”

Why EmPivot.com It Might Be A Killer

emPivot offers a new, innovative way to go green—online video. With the success of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, emPivot has hit on a very successful format. Users who are environmentally concerned and want to learn more or contribute can do so easily with emPivot.

Some Questions About EmPivot.com

Will emPivot make an impact? Will they attract enough users? If so, how? Environmental video content isn’t always the most entertaining. EmPivot.com