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Empedia.comDo you ever read something on Wikipedia and feel like you could add a lot to that particular article, but can’t do it since editing it lies well beyond your technical skills? Well, this is the site that you should head to the next time you feel that way. What Empedia does is to let you say what you have to say about anything you might have read on Wikipedia, right on a separate page that everybody else can then view and discuss further on and on.


On Empedia, everything boils down to finding a topic or issue that is relevant to you, adding your experiences, and then sitting back and waiting until somebody else has got anything to say about what you’ve submitted. And when that happens, then you can simply answer back, and take your original article where the conversation should take it.

Besides, you can create polls to go with any page that’s being discussed. That will let you know how people feel about anything that you’ve stated, in a quantitative way.

Empedia is free to join, accounts are created in a breeze, and once you’re a registered user of the site you’ll be able to share the way you feel pretty much about anything, and also to comment on what others have shared. In Their Own Words

All of us know something about some things. Share that knowledge! Browse through millions of Wikipedia articles and add the information you know about any given subject. Add a poll, post a toplist or create a discussion to see what other people think!

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How many Wikipedia articles have already been discussed like this? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to let people discuss what’s being said on sites other than Wikipedia?

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