search cancel – Put Your Menus On Smart Phones is a site that should be taken into account by every owner or manager running a business related to serving food and drinks. And of course, who wants to make the best promotion of it through all the internet resources at hand.

A website is obviously the first step to tell the world about you and reach potential clients who can be attracted by the photos of your place or also good images of the dishes you serve. Not to mention the importance of including your menus so that internet users can get an idea of what is your specialty.

Today, though, mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and many other tablets are giving people a lot of internet content too. Your website will no longer be visited only through a PC or Mac, but you will also get visits from smart phones.

And that is why you should take into account the service of They specialize on optimizing your site for mobile devices, and give a better online experience to those who visit your website.

The features of the service are quite appealing. The optimization that can do on your websites includes an automatic device detector, by which the site will show automatically in format for mobile if this is what your client is using. You can as well access to a content management system, which lets you make the changes you want in your menus without using any programming code. Only typing and saving will update your mobile site’s content.

The service offered by eMobile Menus is also integrated with social media, so that you can make the best promotion and announcements using social networks, and spread the word really quickly. In Their Own Words

Optimize Your Website for Smartphone Users.

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Are they only dedicated to restaurants and other food services?


Author : Charly Zaks

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