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Ember iPhone Tool Solves The Bad Night Pic Problem [Pick Of The Crowd]

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In my constant search for the best crowdfunding projects out there, I sometimes stumble across one that I can’t believe hasn’t been done before. That was the case today when I landed on Ember, a light accessory that can be attached to your iPhone, allowing you to take photos at night that don’t turn your face into that of a flat, red-eyed demon.


The premise is really basic: Everyone likes taking photos and smartphones have made it super easy for us to take photos that look really good. However, the single LED light that runs off of the camera’s own battery means that night photos generally aren’t great.



Actually, let’s be real. Night photos are usually really, really bad.

And yet the things we do at night (dress up, hang out with friends, go to concerts, hang out in clubs) are usually things we want good photos of and that’s why professional filmmaker and avid Instagram fan Jedd Goble created the Ember iPhone tool.


Okay, okay, but what exactly is it?

Ember is a professional-quality light tool that slides onto the back of your iPhone 5. It has a back panel that includes 56 LEDS powered by their own battery, so you don’t have worry about draining your phone. The effect is a softer, diffused light that is powerful enough to highlight your hairdo without, a) blinding you with a flash and, b) making you look like a night demon.




You can also totally tell it was designed by a professional.

The number one way you can tell that this was not created by your average selfie-snapper is the fact that it has actual physical filters you can change, an aspect I find absolutely retro-cute in this Age of Instagram.


The second professional detail is the fact that you can actually detach Ember from your phone and hold in your hand or attach it to accessories like a tripod, just like a traditional photography light. Test out different angles and specific lighting to get the best image possible.


ember pics


Whatchya get:

Donate five bucks and you’ll get updates and invites to “photowalks” in San Francisco. Throw down $59 and get one of the first Embers at below their final selling price, plus a warming filter and a tripod adapter. If you miss out on those first 200 spots, you can pay $79 and get the same rewards. If you’re feeling like a real baller and want to drop $600 or more, you’ll get the full Ember pro package (an Ember, tripod adapter, color pack of filters) as well as your name on the website and a consultation call with the Ember team on any topic.


Okay guys, I know you’re totally sold on Ember at this point. Get off of KillerStartups (it’s okay; we’ll wait for you) and head over to Kickstarter to help out Jedd and his team at Ember in their mission to eliminate terrible nighttime selfies once and for all.


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