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EmbedPlus.comThe ways in which people can interact around YouTube videos have been the same for too long. It was about time someone devised a system letting users do more with them. Embed Plus is such a system.


In general terms, any video that you embed using this platform has a much better set of playback options (comparable to the ones of DVD players), and people who do watch the video are given the chance to interact in a grander scale. For example, Twitter reactions to videos can be displayed right within the player. Plus, annotations can be added to any clip. These can be used not only to label scenes, but also to subtitle what is being displayed (either for informative or humorous purposes – both things are perfectly possible).

And coming back to the advanced playback options, users are enabled to skip whole scenes and jump straight to marked times. These are actually denoted by the blogger who has embedded the video, and they are great for bringing the attention of visitors to the highlights of the video in question. In Their Own Words

Want to enhance the viewer experiences and discussions around the YouTube videos you embed? With our first release, you can now upgrade your embeds with real-time reactions, DVD-like controls, and more without having to alter original content.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bloggers will be able to develop stronger ties with their visitors using such an engaging platform.

Some Questions About

How is this project going to evolve from now on?

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