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EmailTheWeb.comIn general terms, this new service enables you to send captures of any webpage you come across and wish to share with others. The whole project is based on the fact that formerly one could afford to click on any hyperlink that came his way, and this no longer applies owing to the preponderance of spam and malicious webpages.


This system can be used without the need to install and configure anything, as you can cut and paste the URL in question and e-mail the screenshot this way. Alternatively, there is the convenient option of procuring and installing a bookmarklet, and dispensing with visiting the site any time you wish to share a link. This bookmarklet is available both to Internet Explorer and Firefox users.

Other than that, there is not a lot more to add or explain. The system is instantly accessible, and you can use it for free, so that if you are looking into alternative ways of sharing information with others in a more secure setting, you might find a visit to the site worth your while. In Their Own Words

“ is the only web-based service that allows you to email any web page to any one.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who are always worried by security considerations will find such a solution interesting to say the least.

Some Questions About

Can you mail multiple pages at the same time?

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