– Accept Email In Your Web Apps

Email2Http.comSo you’ve got a brand new site all set up and should all things go well, (or vice versa), you’ll be getting a lot of feedback. If you’re not keen on keeping up your own mail servers and software, check out Email2Http; this app lets you accept emails within your web application.

All you’ve got to do is write up some easy script in your favorite language and tell Email2Http the URL. Sites like Craigslist and Flickr do the same thing. Now, you’ll be able to collect documents such as invoices or even CVs and photos mailed in to you by users. You’re allowed to transfer up to 10MB a month for free. Other prices are yet to be determined. In Their Own Words

“Email2HTTP is a service that turns incoming email into easy-to-handle HTTP POST requests.

Email2HTTP works by acting as the mail server for your domain. When email arrives that matches one of your filters, it is posted to your chosen URL as if it were coming from a form on a web page. The attachments are sent as if they are file uploads on that form.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a dead simple service which makes handling incoming emails a breeze. Rather than having to deal with separate email servers, web developers can focus on other matters. It frees up their time and makes maintenance minimal.

Some Questions About

How is this service going to advertise itself? Will the costs be reasonable?