Email Marketing Platform, SendPulse, Is Making An Offer Startups Can’t Refuse

Whether you’re founding your first startup or your fifth, there’s usually that initial period when money is a real struggle. The lack of floating funds and interested investors makes it hard to market your new startup successfully, yet, that’s exactly what you need to do to spread your project to the masses. Most marketing services are expensive, despite their potential for a high ROI. What’s a scrappy new startup to do?


Take advantage of a SendPulse offer to startups, that’s what. An integrated email marketing platform and SMTP service, SendPulse wants to help you with your email and text marketing – for free.


SendPulse email marketing platform


You might be thinking, “You get what you pay for,” but what SendPulse, founded in 2015, is offering startups is above and beyond your basic free account at other email marketing platforms. A normal free trial account with the service looks pretty standard and includes up to 2,500 contacts and 15,000 emails per month. Their startup offer? It includes a mailing list of up to 25,000 subscribers and 375,000 emails per month.


Beyond the over 10x larger capacity they’re offering startups (at no cost to your startup capital!), here are some of the features SendPulse boasts:


  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: HTML skills rusty? Create email templates without fuss without HTML. SendPulse lets you choose a ready-made template element, place it in your template, and populate it with content.
  • Ready-Made Templates: SendPulse has a bunch of ready-made templates designed for email marketing. Simply replace the default content with your own images and text.
  • Adaptive Design: Any email template created with the service is responsive – which means it will adapt to any device it’s being viewed on. Since we know most people check email on mobile devices these days, responsivity guarantees recipients can view your email even on a tiny screen.
  • Split-Test: This feature could be extra useful for startups just getting their marketing strategy off the ground. Conduct A/B tests, testing which version of an email campaign is more effective, to increase your campaign conversion and ROI.
  • Personalization: Every email message can contain a client’s personal info. Don’t have all the info you need for every subscriber? SendPulse has you covered with “clever personalization,” which lets you create a template that will adapt to the presence or absence of a customer’s personal data.


Other features worth checking out include Google analytics integration, segmentation, autoresponder, subscription forms, and detailed statistics on your email campaigns.


Think this sounds too good to be true, asking yourself what the catch is? Actually, it’s pretty simple: each message you send will be followed by SendPulse’s logo, so that they can spread the word about their business while they help you spread the word about yours.


SendPulse startup offer


If you’re interested in taking advantage of this great offer, email SendPulse with your website URL, your business essence, and your audience size to request SendPulse services. Not a startup? Check out the service’s free trial account details and pricing here.


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