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Email History Makes Managing Your Team’s Email A Breeze

Today’s Killer Startup: Email History


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Elevator Pitch:

Email History puts all of your team’s email in one easy-to-access place.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Searching through emails is the worst. You think maybe it came in on that day, from that person, and it probably had that word in it? Right? And if you’re a startup founder, the whole process is even more annoying because you probably send 8 million emails back and forth with so many different people every day. Then you add on the fact that, for most professionals these days, email is involved in a every step of a project with tons of different people…


Ugh! It’s giving me a headache just to think about it!


Email History takes all the pain out of figuring out who said what to whom and when. The app pulls all the email accounts on your team into one place so that when you search, for example, for a client, all of the emails between all of the relevant people are presented to you in chronological order. No more tracking down every single member to check on the little details that you aren’t sure got through. You can figure it all out yourself, quickly and efficiently.


The app also lets you add as many people as you want, designate which email folders are included, and create “rules” so that some emails (like those personal ones you’re not supposed to be sending…) are excluded from the system. You have total control over who has access to your messages, so there are no worries about privacy.


Email has made managing projects and communication in general so much easier than it ever had been before, but we all know that it’s also kind of a PIA. Make it oh so simple with Email History.



Stop wasting time emailing back and forth and searching for emails! #EmailHistory to the rescue!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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