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Your Email Missing Something? Here’s How You Boost Your System To Critical GMass

It’s fun to hate on email. Email frustration may very well be the top excuse for startup happy hour anymore (anyone tracking that?). Email doesn’t do enough, doesn’t do what I want it to. Impossible to keep organized, or keep important stuff in view. There’s sooooo much of it…


For all the reasons we gripe about email, however, it’s so useful and we use it so often. Dirty little secret: we actually love email, and only need it to be better. Besides, email ain’t going anywhere, friends.


GMass sidesteps email rage and simply makes Gmail even better.


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GMass turns Gmail into a mass emailing system. It’s a simple tool for sending mail to as many as 2,000 people, each of them receiving a personalized version of the message. Say goodbye to BBCing everyone – and all those mistakes that are so easy to make when forgetting who is supposed to see or not see an email.


GMass also tells you when mails are opened. Sure there are other analytic tools for this, but those are like the TV remote alllllllllll the way over on the other side of the couch. We don’t want to have to reach! We want control right next to us. With GMass, you know what’s happening with your email right where you’re already looking.


Another handy feature of GMass is that it lets you create a list of people to mail based on search results. Instead of taxing your overworked brain trying to figure out who should be receiving an email or editing groups (and again making errors), GMass helps make sensible connections, in the moment.


GMass saves senders a lot of time and headaches by allowing mass emails to go out as a reply to the last conversation had with each recipient… It’s worth making sure you caught that: each — each! — recipient. So, you look like you’re giving everyone personal attention, while eliminating potential clutter, without going to any extra trouble. Pretty slick.


For the moment, you only need Gmail and Chrome browser to take advantage of this mass emailing system. Safari, FireFox, as well as mobile-friendly versions are in the works. Meanwhile, GMass is blissfully unobtrusive – just two buttons that blend almost invisibly next to your send button. This means that you don’t need to reconfigure how you go about your business or hunt around when time comes to email multiple contacts.


If you’re tired of shelling out for fancy services to handle your mass emailing – if you love to work with Gmail and only need it to go an extra mile for you – have a closer look at


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