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Elitextreme.comThis US based online store is all about accessories for every major brand cell phone, plus MP3 and PDA resources. Find everything you need: from battery chargers to pouches, repair and installation tools or SIM card backup tools, Elitextreme.


com surely has it. A good feature about this site is the fact that it allows you to browse phones by maker and also by carrier (US only), which can be very comfortable for some more amateurish users, plus the site clearly understands the needs and desires of its users and market, and thus offers related products, like iPod accessories, Bluetooth devices, memory and flash cards, fashion accessories and so on, catering for all possible tastes. In Their Own Words

“As today’s leading carrier of cell phone, MP3, and PDA accessories, EliteXtreme offers our internet customers a vast assortment of merchandise with fresh appeal. Our collection of faceplates and cell phone covers will showcase your individuality to others. The EliteXtreme team strives to maintain an ever-growing stock of cell phone accessories We guarantee to always provide the latest and most popular styles. Take a moment to browse our store. You’ll be pleased to see we have the largest selections of quality accessories available on the Internet”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

When randomly choosing one handphone accessory, it will automatically display all the related things you can buy for that model and its similars, plus it provides a thorough explanation of compatibility and functions plus warranty data, which seems an important thing to bear in mind, specifically when buying from overseas. In short, the market-focus of the site make it specially appealing for its targeted audience.

Some Questions About

Unlike its competitors, does not offer downloadable contents, and thus fails to gather a very relevant part of the IT market, and looses in terms of related-markets for mobile technologies, which as anybody knows, can generate massive revenues.

Author : Steve Dixon

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