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Elitedrugstore.com is part of a meds seller that provides medication at discounted prices.

Stock includes brand names and generic drugs, but the search engine will only retrieve brand names, so if you are looking for antibiotics or any other condition-specific treatment, try to get your way by condition and not by searching the active principle, as that will get you nowhere. The site prides in cross checking prescriptions, so when you place an order, you must provide your HCP’s name and phone so the company can contact him/her in order to check the information on your order. An interesting feature about this site is that when making a purchase, it will provide some basic information, like how to take pills, what secondary effects may occur, how to safely store the drugs, what the medication treats and what information you should have provided your doctor with; for instance if you have high-blood-pressure or allergies, some medications are probably not safe for you, but you might have omitted to mention it, so the site reminds you to let your doctor know.