Elfwood.com – Fantasy Art Community

Elfwood.comDo you constantly dream of a Fantasy world with dragons, fairies and adventure? If you are intrigued by fantasy and like to be creative Elfwood.com is a community you may want to get involved in.

Elfwood.com is a Fantasy and Sci-Fi community that focuses on writing and art. Users can join the network to submit their stories and drawings and possible win contests and create fans. Once you register and create a profile you can join the network and browse through the site taking a look at all of the different stories and sketches of fantastic creatures. Joining Elfwood.com is free and you can tag artists and content that you like. Users can receive reminders on update material so they can be exposed to all of the new content. Elfwood.com is a site for amateur artists and it gives them a great way to become noticed and meet other fantasy fans. Get lost in a distant world and submit your stories and art at Elfwood.com.

Elfwood.com In Their Own Words

“Fantasy for me is the escape to a distant, wonderful world of legend inhabited by elves, faeries, dragons and other mythical beasts. It’s also a world of magic, great adventures, mighty battles and quests against the dark, evil lords.
For me, and other artists interested in fantasy mythology, books and movies, it has always been an enjoyment to bring out scences from these imaginary realms and put them on paper. This site is dedicated to publish such pictures painted by amateur artists on the WWW.”

Why Elfwood.com It Might Be A Killer

Elfwood.com has lots of content to browse through and contribute to. If you are interested in fantasy in any way you will surely find material that interests you and you can contribute your writing or drawings. The community aspects make Elfwood.com even more fun because you can meet other fantasy fans. Users can tag their favorite artists and materials and receive updates on new material.

Some Questions About Elfwood.com

Elfwood.com could have an art contest for the logo design or graphics and the winner could have his/her art featured on the homepage. Are there any connections with famous fantasy authors who could post suggestions on the site or work with users? Elfwood.com