Elev8ed.org – Improving Education By Asking Students

Elev8ed.orgLetting the voice of students be heard is what Elev8ed is all about. This site hopes to transform the way education is imparted everywhere, or at least redefine the position that students occupy in the whole process.

On Elev8ed, they can upload videos where they narrate their own experiences, and provide their own ideas for improving the classroom dynamics. They can also suggest specific actions for improving education as far as their communities go.

Videos should not be longer than 3 minutes, and the actual submission guidelines are all entirely logical (IE, showing only people that have granted permission to be shown, using family-friendly language, crediting sources…).

And when you are posting anything, remember that you can use the tag (or hashcode) #elev8ed in order to let others know about the site, and the videos that you and other students all over the world are sharing in order to build a better educational system.

Elev8ed.org In Their Own Words

Elevate the education conversation with your voice!

Why Elev8ed.org It Might Be A Killer

Because it puts students in a position where they can truly become catalysts for change.

Some Questions About Elev8ed.org

Will videos in languages other than English ever be accepted? Elev8ed.org