Elegant & Everlasting – And Not Any Of The Tools You’d Think Of First

Though I couldn’t be happier with getting to spend my days sharing my awe for all of the amazing tools online, I’ll admit to an unabashed joy when I encounter an old-fashioned physical object on my desk – a familiar tool receiving some love by way of a modern upgrade.


A tool like… the pencil! A mechanical pencil, to be more precise. I know, I know, but what can I say. I’m a writer. I love writing tools. No innovation will ever pry me away entirely from my spiral bound notebook and pen. Likewise, if you’re an artist, a designer, architect – it would be hazardous to your soul to not enjoy the grip of a pencil in your hand.


It would also be an oversight on your part if you didn’t have a closer look at the Titanium Everlasting Mechanical Pencil by Hemiwear. It’s a beautifully designed, light, durable mechanical pencil, made from a solid piece of aerospace-grade titanium, engineered to come in handy for as long as you’re around, if not longer.


hemiwear landing


The founder of Hemiwear, Nicholas Hemingway, takes his inspiration from discovering a box of drafting tools from his grandfather with pieces still in good shape despite being over a hundred years old. Hemiwear wants to stand apart in a consumer culture that disposes quickly of things, and to add a tool of longevity and grace into our world.


They’ve also clearly scribbled their way into quite a few minds and hearts. As of this writing, their Kickstarter campaign already has $9,446 dollars pledged when their initial goal was $2,321. This triumph follows an earlier breakout campaign that successfully funded a set of homemade mechanical pencils by Hemingway.


Here’s what you can expect of your Hemiwear titanium pencil, in their own riveting words: “They are rugged and hard wearing while elegant and sleek aesthetically with a main purpose of becoming your everlasting companion in design. Providing that you feed it lead when it is hungry, don’t give it regular baths (it doesn’t like baths, but if you did it wouldn’t rust anyway) it will be as loyal to you as you are to it throughout your career.”


Rugged, elegant, everlasting – The most interesting man in the world might not reach for a pencil every day, but when he does…


Yeah, he’d definitely use one of these titanium mechanical pencils. No matter what line you’re in, you have to appreciate a quality product that does the job right for as long as you’re on the job.


Built to last, to function, to beautify – if your work (or aesthetic beliefs) call for an amazing pencil, look no further than here.


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