ElectionPlatform.com – Vote For Pedro

ElectionPlatform.comPolitics is a messy thing, best left to Iowans and lobbyists. ElectionPlatform.

com brings democracy back to its roots and brings the fun back into voting. If you’ve ever wanted to vote for your mother for mayor, you can. And others can vote along with you. With ElectionPlatform.com, you can create elections, vote for candidates, and invite people to join elections. You can choose from different types of elections, closed and open with invitation among them. Authority rules in ElectionPlatform.com. The winner is determined by the person getting the most votes from the people with the most authority. How, then, is authority established? Each person can give his vote to up to three people of his choosing thereby distributing his authority value between voters. The end result of the election reflects the authority value of each of the voters. ElectionPlatform.com is free; Facebook users can login through Facebook. And, no you can’t vote for yourself.

ElectionPlatform.com In Their Own Words

“Every person in society has a particular place: one can drive a car, another can do scientific research, and a third can be a politician. Every person communicates with others, which is normal in a society and makes his impressions on people he has known during his lifetime. But when it comes to choosing the person to lead us, it’s difficult to make a decision. First of all, because the list is limited, second, on the list there are some candidates that you have never heard about, not to mention you have no idea about his achievements, character, leadership aptitudes or intelligence. On the other side, you know quite well your own friends, but you can’t vote for them unless they are on the candidates list.

What if we had the possibility to give our votes to anybody, for example: neighbors or coworkers. This would be a big jump in democracy, wouldn’t it? Maybe people would go to an election as to a holy day, to give their vote to people they really trust.”

Why ElectionPlatform.com It Might Be A Killer

Elections have never been more complicated. It’s easy to get lost under the chads, and butterfly ballot fiascos; ElectionPlatform.com aims to make voting easier. Its Facebook integrated site makes for lots of fun and has the possibility to reach a large audience.

Some Questions About ElectionPlatform.com

Sure voting for your friends and neighbors is fun, but in the end, but besides being a modified popularity contest, what effect does it have on the larger picture? Also, can ElectionPlatform.com reach an audience outside of Facebook? ElectionPlatform.com