ElapsedApp.com – Turn Your Iphone Into A Timer

ElapsedApp.comGranted, Elapsed is a really simple iPhone application. Yet, the service that it provides can be nothing short of indispensable in some contexts.

Basically, Elapsed is an application that can turn your handy iPhone into a timer. How (and what) you will use this timer for, now, is entirely up to you. Keeping tabs on a parking meter, tracking the turkey you have in the oven, calculating how long you can go without having a cigarette… all these are possible (and entirely valid) uses in themselves.

And the way everything works, you will be able to have several of these timers running at the very same time. An alarm will warn you whenever the time has elapsed, for you to rush to do the next thing you were supposed to do.

And a feature that I really like is that you can actually save recurrent timers and turn them into presets. These presets will then be reusable at a mere tap later on.

ElapsedApp.com In Their Own Words

The best free timer app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Why ElapsedApp.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way to stay on tops of multiple attention-demanding tasks at the same time.

Some Questions About ElapsedApp.com

Can you choose the alarm sound that you want used? ElapsedApp.com