Ejdera.com – For Music Fans The World Over

Ejdera.comIn days gone by, the dream of every music-discerning person was to broadcast his own radio shows and act as an omnipotent host who shares/imparts his musical knowledge to the world at large. Now, dreams such as that one are within reach.

If you don’t believe it, simply give the ejdena website a try and you will see what I mean. Basically, it will allow you to listen to radio channels ranging far and wide, as well as creating your own playlists that can be shared with everybody. You are not exactly “hosting” your own show, but it will all be close to ideal for many a hardened music lover out there.

Besides, the site will give you the chance to share not only music but also videos. And if you are into an analytic mood, you will be able to procure the lyrics to any of the featured tunes and scrutinize them.

Services like this one are tailor-made for the social age, of course. This one has a good range of basic features, and they all work quite well. It doesn’t have a feature that would single it out, though. And I wonder what is in store, and if we are going to see such an addition anytime soon.

Ejdera.com In Their Own Words

“Video music monster on demand.”

Why Ejdera.com It Might Be A Killer

Music fans just love the chance to listen to (and be listened by) peers and strangers.

Some Questions About Ejdera.com

What about the copyright of the songs that are featured? Ejdera.com