– Meeting Up With Those Who Are Like You

eHerds.comeHerds is a new resource that feels too much like a step back in time to me. You see, it will let you join groups of people who share your same interests.

If you are keen on tattoos, there is a group for that. If you like anime, there is a group for that. If you are hooked on a certain movie, chances are there will also be a group for that right here.

It is all very nice, but the one and only question I have is what is the use of this in a Facebook-dominated age? The one and only explanation I can figure out is that the people who put it all together wanted to give users a direct experience, free from clutter of any kind. In that sense, it is successful. But people who are using Facebook are not liable to make a change under any circumstance – they will adhere to the groups that are part of in the ever-popular networking site.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider this a “bad” site. It is good for what it is, even if the role it aims to play out is already played out by an established, almost unbeatable giant. And in any case, a site that advertises an anime group by displaying a picture of Totoro has my eternal sympathy. In Their Own Words

“eHerds is a fun new way to meet people in your city and to organize groups with friends and family. Find “herds” of like-minded people or create your own!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are lonely and want to find people sharing similar interests in the most direct way of all, this will come in quite handy.

Some Questions About

How far can this go? What could make it stand a firmer ground?