– Take 3D Tours Of Schools All Over The US

Egiate.comAre you thinking about which school to attend over and over to the point that it is starting to monopolize even your waking thoughts? If that is indeed the case, you must look at ways in which you could make up your mind faster. And the Egiate website is one such resource.

Basically, you can count on this site to provide you with a comprehensive physical overview of most schools within the US. This is done in a representative and memorable enough way: in 3D.

Schools can be searched in a plethora of ways, as you can not only look them up by name and by location (the obvious criteria) but also by size and weather. That is quite novel in itself, and it provides that little bit of refinement that many times turn out to make a search portal’s fortune.

On the other hand, if you represent a school that is not already featured on the site you can click on the “Claim Your School In Maps and 3D” link in order to start rectifying the situation, and become findable through Egiate. In Their Own Words

“Egiate (as in coll-egiate) is the first interactive 3D and Maps-based school search site. Search for schools by name, location, scene, weather, school size, and more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can help any student make up his mind more easily when it comes to picking the most suitable school for him.

Some Questions About

Is there anything like it for other countries?