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EggCartel.comPresented by EggCartel, EggDrop is a service that takes the concept of garage sales into the new century. In general, we can define it as a platform that makes neighborhood marketplaces go truly mobile. The aim of this site is to let people find the best bargains and sales right where they live. Users of EgCartel can make (and read) listings coming straight from those in their close vicinity. They can post such listings and go through the ones that others have created. And transaction can be made on the spot, using an interface that actually enables users to arrange pickups using nothing more than their mobiles.

It is undeniable that (in addition to letting people save money and time) a service like this one is great for the environment. And I say so not only because a site like this one extends the lifecycle of products, but also because it reduces the carbon emissions inherent to driving anywhere in order to connect with sellers personally. Using EggDrop, everything takes place online, and the damage that is done to the environment is seriously minimized. In Their Own Words

Host your garage sale on EggDrop by EggCartel or find great bargains nearby. We help users save money, make money, reduce, reuse, and connect with neighbors in a safe and friendly environment.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for knowing where to find all these items you are looking for right in your local area, by doing an utterly-simple search.

Some Questions About

How popular can this become? What might make it a true hit?

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