– A Network Solely Devoted To Pitching

eGether.comI will pitch yours if you pitch mine”. That single phrase exemplifies what this new social site is all about.

It is a spot where people can socialize with the aim of pitching and being pitched. People sign up and can share videos and photographs with other members of the network, and interact like they do on Facebook only that here they are promoting this or that.

A nice touch is that materials like tutorials and guides entitled “How to submit a perfect pitch” are featured. That is a certainly useful measure when it comes to ensuring that noise will be reduced.

How useful something like this can be is debatable. Some will relish the chance of interacting in a straightforward setting in which there are no underlying intentions – what you see is what you get. Others are certain to say that a network which is solely devoted to promotional duties lessens the human aspect that should always characterize social networking. Personally, I think the former stance is the best one: it is a spot that leaves you in no doubt about its purpose. Head to Facebook if you want to make friends. This one has a concrete role, and no mistaking. In Their Own Words

“Connecting consumers, press, PR and analysts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a specialized network that has a very specific (and valuable) function.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites like it, or is it this one setting something of a first?