Effortlessly Manage Your Business’s Social Media With Ayrshare

For businesses large and small alike, managing all of the components of social media across multiple platforms can take hours of work and quickly take on a life of its own. While having an online presence is important, it doesn’t do much good if it comes at the expense of your product. 

That’s why Ayrshare takes care of your social media infrastructure with their APIs that provide the core infrastructure for all of your business’s social media posting, management and analytics needs. With Ayrshare, your team can focus on building a great product rather than spending unnecessary time stitching together and maintaining multiple social media platforms.

Ayrshare is easy to use and can have your business up and running in minutes with a few lines of code and straightforward examples. Then, you can easily send real-time or scheduled posts to your social media accounts and post any content including text, images or videos to one or multiple social networks, all from one platform. Ayrshare also supports multiple user profiles at once, allowing your entire team to manage your social media wherever they are and whenever they need to.

The Ayrshare platform supports multiple coding languages including Node.js, Javascript, PHP, Python, C#, Go, Java and Ruby on Rails. It also includes detailed and comprehensive API documentation with code examples for all the API endpoints. Ayrshare has all of the right tools to enable developers to build amazing apps, including access to API keys and usage history.

Here are all of the great features you get with Ayrshare:

Send Posts: Create a post with text, images or videos and send it immediately or schedule it for a future date or time.

Delete Posts: Change your mind on a post? Easily delete a post from all of your social media accounts by sending the post ID to the delete endpoint.

Post History: Get history and status information of posts sent via Ayrshare, with detailed metadata for each post.

Manage Images or Videos: Upload your image or video directly to Ayrshare and retrieve a URL to post with. No need for a separate image or video hosting service.

Link Shortening: Submit a URL to get a shortened version of it to save characters in your posts. No need to pay for a separate link shortening service.

Comment Management: Retrieve, post and manage comments on a post so you’ll never miss an opportunity to increase engagement, answer questions and connect to your audience.

Auto Hashtags: Automatically add hashtags to your posts based on the most relevant keywords. This feature takes into account real-time hashtag popularity as well.

Analytics: Get advanced analytics for your post links including likes, retweets, clicks and device type. Have a summary delivered to your email.

Promoted Tweets: Promote your Tweet as an ad to increase its reach and help it find a bigger audience.

Interested? Ayrshare is the ideal platform for any business looking to simplify their social media management. Visit them at https://www.ayrshare.com/ to learn more.