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Eduturf.comEduturf presents itself as the one spot on the Web in which students can get all the information they might need about their current and prospective careers, and socialize a lot in the process.

On Eduturf, any student can connect both with his classmates and teachers and get down to sharing educational ideas and experiences for the benefit of just everybody. They can also ask mentors for help, and offer their assistance to those who might need it by authoring blog posts of their own.

Of course, the site also makes it possible to upload pictures and videos, and have them shared with just anybody. These can be instrumental in letting someone decide whether or not to attend a school, as any student can highlight what it is like to study and lodge there through his very eyes. That is the kind of feedback people who are thinking about which school to go for always find decisive. And Eduturf really offers plenty of that. In Their Own Words

Educational networking.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like Facebook, but only that here everything is college-related.

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Which State Universities are more discussed on this site?