– 3D Learning Environment

EduSim.greenbush.usEduSim is an educational metaverse. You could think of it as Second Life for school.

The platform, built on the open source software Croquet, incorporates a complete 3D learning environment for students and teachers up to grade 12. Users of EduSim communicate via whiteboards which can be merged for collaborative purposes. The platform supports multimedia, so anything you pull into the 3D environment, whether it be a photograph or video can be manipulated, rotated, and spun. Documents can be edited by participating members of a whiteboard session. Another cool feature allows you to pull in objects to your smartboard, making them 3D by pasting them on top of preset 3D objects, e.g. a sphere or cube. The EduSim platform is relatively new so much more is in the works. It works best with Mac, but you can use both Windows and Linux as well. In Their Own Words

“The Greenbush EduSim (Educational Simulation) Project is an educational 3D interactive virtual environment platform (Metaverse) built on Croquet with simulations being developed for the elementary, middle school , and high school student populations (starting with the “Math World” simulation). The goal of the EduSim project is to provide a safe locally hosted 3D interactive environment for virtual class room activities (Smartboards, Modeling, Machinima, and MORE). Stay tuned for more developments as we have them !”

Why It Might Be A Killer

EduSim is a rather cool learning tool which definitely gives education a fun twist. Teachers could use it to apply collaborative exercises; students could work with other students anywhere in the world. The whiteboard could even be used for business meetings.

Some Questions About

What other features will be incorporated? Will it be easy for teachers to adopt such technology?