– Global Education Come True

Eduit.orgThe flattening of global education is something that is discussed every now and then in every circle. The ones behind this website are offering their own take on the subject, and their vision is to mix existing technology and create a vehicle through which learning is accessible to everybody, everywhere, and at no cost.

Their mission is clearly set down on the site: “We aren’t building a website… we are building a multimedia platform for global education”. It is a vey noble aim, and hopefully the project will gain enough momentum so as not to go unnoticed.

The platform is meant to resemble a sort of multi-touch interactive TV that displays short and focused learning content along with educative games. The idea is that this platform should be used and understood even by small children. It is going to be web based, and delivered intelligently to any device that has an Internet connection. The content itself is coming from media (TV) which has been meta-tagged using a tool of its own.

The building of this platform for global education is promoted by way of a Facebook group which is named the eRevolution Movement. You can join it to be updated on any development of note. In Their Own Words

“Imagine a world where every kid participates on a flat education system, challenging themselves and others, and winning prizes for applying themselves, no matter what their social, ecomonic, geographic disposition is…we can and we will build it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a laudable initiative, the kind that highlights the power of the Internet to build a better world for all to inhabit.

Some Questions About

Is this the first platform of its kind to emerge?