Edge Voice-AI for Children

Like it or not, raising kids in 2019 means exposing them to technology.


And while these innovations are doing incredible things to improve quality of life, the security risks they pose cannot be ignored.  Parents have grown very uncomfortable with pervasive surveillance from smartphones and computers to the point where the safety of their children’s personal data is now a priority.


Voice-enabled devices like smart speakers are throwing a whole new wrench into the issue.  The more often data is shared, the greater the chance of it being compromised – making the ever-present nature of these speakers quite troubling.  However, there’s no solution out there that captures this technology for the benefit of kids while not sacrificing security.


That is, until now.  Introducing KidSense: the world’s first embedded (offline) automatic speech recognition tool designed & built with kids’ data under COPPA and GDPR regulations.


It’s time to stop worrying, and start allowing your kids to enjoy the splendors of technology.  KidSense is the quickest and most accurate speech recognition solution for children aged 4-12, supporting any voice-enabled device including smart speakers, interactive toys, kids robotics, smart home devices, and more.

The KidSense suite consists of two primary elements: KidSense Vocally (general automatic speech recognition) and KidSense Triggly (trigger word & keyword spotting).  They work together to deliver the fastest latency in our market in a fully secure, regulated manner.


Here are just a handful of the additional features KidSense has in place to provide better and safer voice recognition performance for kids:


  • A sophisticated Natural Language Understanding process that’s designed around neural network AI for kids
  • Supports simultaneous dual speech recognition
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Comes with easy-to-use developer tools (API) for simple integration
  • Can obtain quantitative assessments of children’s’ speech


Since first conceptualizing KidSense back in 2014, Founder Kaveh Azartash has wasted little time in bringing it to the mainstream.  The platform officially entered the market at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in 2018, and has since entered into valuable partnerships with companies like Qualcomm.

If you’d like to learn more about KidSense’s rich feature set – or, to request a free demo – please visit them online at www.KidSense.ai.  The Founder is also reachable via email at [email protected].



Photos: KidSense.ai