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eCycler.comBringing together those who want to give away recyclables and the ones who want to collect them is the service this site renders, and it is a valuable service any way you look at it. Through the site, any person who is interested in recycling can market himself and let others within his community know that he is willing to collect recyclables.


The team responsible for it cites the job creation aspect of eCycler as one of its main assets. That is, eCycler provides a mean for individuals or groups to become self-organized and collect recyclables from those that are willing to give them away. That means that Boy Scout Troops and Church groups among others could advertise themselves using the provided marketing materials, and let the community know they are recycling. People would then look for them as a viable alternative to curbside pickup. The group would raise money for its cause by collecting the recyclables, and every party is benefited by such an approach.

Right now, the site is accepting submissions by collectors who want to market their own recycling programs. If you are one, and the basic premise described above appealed to you, then dropping by the site is certainly worth considering. In Their Own Words

“eCycler brings together people giving away recyclables and those interested in collecting them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is good because: A) It’s practical, and B) It stands as a positive step towards protecting the environment.

Some Questions About

What features are forthcoming, and when?

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