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Whose Viral Content Is Better? EchoRank Has The Score

So, your latest blog post had 300 Facebook likes and 188 shares. Great news? Not so sure? Left wondering just how short of going viral your efforts have fallen?


There are a lot of social media numbers to account for related to any given piece of content. Activity is good, we know this much – but ask a marketer, content creator or social media expert how well something has performed, and you’re not going to hear two explanations of what traffic numbers really mean that sound the same. Confusing for everyone.


EchoRank looks to clarify the significance of social media numbers by establishing a benchmark measurement of virality. Ready to find out your first EchoScore?



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Like social media, baseball is another game that spurs numbers obsessions thanks to a wealth of statistics. In addition to the obvious contributions of a player – batting average, runs scored, runs batted in, etc. – the WAR (wins above replacement) calculation was created to assess a player’s overall value. EchoRank works much the same, calculating the sum virality of content based on multiple indicators.


Rather than take a look at different metrics separately, EchoRank incorporates several factors to produce an EchoScore, or viral score. The EchoScore takes into account signals such as k-factor, velocity, and magnitude, in order to better gauge the growth rate of content. While it’s fun to brag about how many retweets your latest campaign bagged, it’s more exciting to know that the money you spent on marketing helped to grow business effectively.


Since the EchoScore creates a viral score independent of other sites or particular measures, it serves as an unbiased way to compare the performance of content. This lets social media marketers see how their work stacks up against the competition. EchoRank gives anyone a better way to measure how their buzz ranks against others in their industry.


By adding a small snippet of code (no SDK integration required), the EchoRank platform  allows campaign coordinators to begin tracking metrics and start generating EchoScores.


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What’s the key to unleashing a viral hit? Is it a torrent of initial conversation, steady chatter until reaching critical mass, some common trait yet to be identified? Maybe we’re all about to gain more insights into the answers with this new tool for measuring the viral reach of content. Besides, who doesn’t want to see a viral content leaderboard?


Bets on who has the highest ranking viral content on the social web? Find out how your content rates and learn the virality of any domain, hashtag, or term at EchoRank. Sign up for early access at


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