– Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties

ECHOage.comThe tagline of this startup is “where children celebrate giving”, and it stands as an accurate depiction of the services on offer. Through this site it is possible to turn a birthday party into an event that will benefit the environment and society as a whole.

This is accomplished along the following lines: guests receive an online invitation to the party, and instead of bringing wrapped presents they make an online donation. The money that is procured this way is then pooled for the purchase of one special gift and to support one specific and meaningful cause.

The basic idea behind all this is to teach children the importance of social and environmental awareness, not to mention instilling the philosophy that knowledge can be turned into action

The site includes an “ECHOage My Party” link that will enable you to arrange such an event by signing up and setting down the date of the party. A “Find a Party” search tool is likewise featured as part of the main navigation menu. In Their Own Words

“An ECHOage birthday party is a unique opportunity for you and your child to do something extraordinary – to improve the world – together. Here’s how: Guests are invited to an ECHOage birthday party online. Instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present, guests simply rsvp and give a secure online gift of money. Payments are pooled for the purchase of ONE special gift and to support ONE meaningful cause. ECHOage will arrange everything, so no need to drive, shop, wrap or even pick up the phone to make a donation.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way of instilling good values into children and contributing towards environmental causes.

Some Questions About

Is it free? Which territories are supported?