Ebiwrite.com – A Tool for Translators

Ebiwrite.comEbiwrite is a tool for translators. It’ll do basically everything for you, except write the translation itself.

Ebiwrite is part translation storage place and part shareable dictionary that you create. If you’ve ever taken a language class, you know how frustrating it is to have continuously look up the same set of words over and over again. With Ebiwrite you can create any dictionary. So, for example,the next time you have to look up cheese in Finnish, just go to your Ebiwrite Food Dictionary. Ebiwrite has other goodies too. There’s a dual-panel editor where you can view both your translation and source at once. If you’ve mistranslated something, you can always go back in time to a previously saved version. Ebiwrite can automatically save your work based on timer settings you choose. You can also save as a PDF, image or Word document, and change the font for printing.

Ebiwrite.com In Their Own Words

“Ebiwrite is a web-based tool, which means you can use it wherever you can get online. Signup and get started today.”

Why Ebiwrite.com It Might Be A Killer

Translators will love a webservice that targets their needs. Translating can be a lonely business. Ebiwrite makes it easier to organize and work on translations without fuss.

Some Questions About Ebiwrite.com

Will Ebiwrite be able to attract translators? Will translators want more features? Could it be integrated into other learning spheres? Ebiwrite.com