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Ebbu News App Makes Sure You Never Get Caught Looking Like A Fool

Today’s Killer Startup: Ebbu


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Elevator Pitch:

Ebbu is an article discovery app that makes it easy to find, read, and share articles from the world’s top sources.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I hopped into my friend’s car this morning to the news playing in Spanish.


“Have you been following this corruption scandal in customs?” she asked me.


“Um… I don’t really read the news,” I replied. In Spanish (we live in Guatemala), or in English.


“Really?” she exclaimed, shocked.


“Really,” I replied, embarrassed.


The truth is, I used to read the news, religiously. Like the socially aware young twenty something social worker that I was, I devoured the New York Times every morning on the subway on my way to work. I read everything – local, international, “style.” Sure, sometimes I’d embarrass myself by crying when I read articles about, for example, places that my country was tearing to shreds with bombs and drones, but I made sure to stay up to date anyway.


These days, I’ve gotten much less conscientious and I mainly read blogs.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be up to date on what’s going on in the world! I still want to be socially aware and sound smart at dinner parties! There’s just a bunch of other sparkly shiny words pulling my attention away from world events these days.


That’s where the Ebbu news app comes in.


Ebbu is an app for both iOS and Android that makes it easy to find, read, and share the best news articles online. You can let the app randomize the news for you, check out articles from just one source, or look for specific topics you’re interested in. You can read the news in-app (which cuts down on distractions from those other shiny sparkly things), and all you have to do to share is swipe left. You also have access to headlines you might have missed in the rapid news cycle, not just the current flavor of the second.


This app quite literally puts the world’s news at you fingertips. It’s also really pretty, so that’s a plus.


If you’ve found that your news consumption has gotten lax like mine has, head over to Ebbu and start catching up today.



You know you should be reading more news, but you’re easily distracted. @EbbuApp makes it easy to find, read, AND share!


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Ebbu | Brian A Jackson

Author : Emma McGowan

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