Ebates.com – Make Money from Shopping Online

Ebates.comEbates is one cool site. Ebates finds all the rebates online and collects them for you after you have purchased an online product.

All you have to do is register, search for the item/product you want, buy the product and your cash back will return in your Ebates account. Oh, and don’t worry, they have 800+ stores to buy from linked to their site, including all of the major brand stores. It’s brilliant in its simplicity, actually. They even guarantee that you will receive your check from them every three months, that your earnings from the stores will be posted as soon as they receive them, and that your private information will be secure and confidential. Lastly, to assure the user, they have a good rating from the Better Business Bureau. They claim to make their money from the marketing partnerships they have with partner stores.

Ebates.com In Their Own Words

Ebates is all about saving money and getting Cash Back whenever you shop online. When you become a member and shop through Ebates, you can save literally thousands of dollars every year on the things you’re already buying.

Why Ebates.com It Might Be A Killer

Who doesn’t want to earn money when they buy products online? EBates has made the rebate game ridiculously easy and successful for both the consumer and the store (the store gets a product sold). It is pretty much a no-brainer where everybody wins.

Some Questions About Ebates.com

They say that they give all of the commission they earn from the stores back to the consumer, but they make money from marketing partnerships and advertising. So the stores have to pay a commission and a marketing fee; does this work? How are they looking to increase their web traffic, since this site should be in the top 100 with such a great offering? Ebates.com