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EatText.comAsk any restaurateur what he thinks about pagers, and he will invariably go on a tirade about how expensive the things are, how easily they stop working, how often some bored teenagers walk away with them… by the end of it, you will be begging him to stop. And you will definitely feel inclined to tell him to read this review – it will mark the end to all his worries.


Eat Text is a messaging platform for restaurants and eateries. Using it, customers can be informed directly on their mobiles when their tables are ready. No more will they have to carry a pager around, and refrain from going too far least the pager stops being operative. As far as they have their mobiles with them, the restaurateur will be able to notify them when their tables are ready using Eat Text.

And Eat Text is also a great marketing tool, as it lets restaurateurs carry marketing campaigns with the data that they have collected from their customers (but note that customers can opt out of such campaigns at any time). In Their Own Words

Reach your customers anytime & anywhere.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Pagers are expensive and they easily can go missing. Something like this is far preferable.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost, exactly?

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