EasyTweets.com – Tweet in Multiples

EasyTweets.comCommunication worldwide has never been easy. Thanks to the power of the internet and Web 2.

0 technologies, users in Ghana can have a chat with, say the entire Swiss army. You can video conference, buy, sell, blog, and thanks to the phenomenon that is Twitter, you can microblog every minutia of your life via Tweets. EasyTweets is a new Twitter application that takes advantage of microblogging and leverages it for use on multiple platforms. Essentially, with EasyTweets, which is aimed at marketers and those with multiple Twitter accounts, users can switch between each Twitter account and post in multiples. You can also check replies or track new followers all within a matter of seconds. To use, simply sign up, have your Twitter accounts handy, and start posting. It’s a free service brought to you by a company that is not new to the internet business and owns and operates dozens of websites.

EasyTweets.com In Their Own Words

“EasyTweets is a set of tools that can help online marketers leverage the power of microblogging. You can use it to post to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts in seconds, check replies, and track new followers. EasyTweets interfaces through Twitter’s API.”

Why EasyTweets.com It Might Be A Killer

EasyTweets is a good idea for marketers who want to leverage the power of microblogging and handle multiple accounts at once. It uses the Twitter API and is easy to navigate.

Some Questions About EasyTweets.com

Do we need another Twitter app? Is Twitter marketing a profitable or even viable marketing method? Will marketers use this? EasyTweets.com