KillerStartups – Sign Documents With Your iPhone

EasySignMobile.comThe roles that mobile devices play in our lives grow by the second. Who knows where everything will end? Well, for the time being the newest ground that has been conquered is that of the signing up of documents. Now, that can be done using EasySignMobile, an iOS application that makes for signing contracts and comparable documents using either your iPhone or your iPad.

The way this is done is by emailing the document that has to be signed to, and then opening the application to sign the document itself once a confirmation email has been received.

Invoices, purchase orders, lease agreements, tax forms, loan applications, NDAs… these and more can all be signed like this, saving you a lot of time and hassle. And when signing the actual document you will also be able to insert all the custom text that is needed such as your initials, or the date your signature became stamped on the document. Up to three different people can sign the same document, too. In Their Own Words

Easy sign documents using your iPhone or iPad. Anywhere. Anytime.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a true timesaver if I ever saw one – the ability to sign everything using your mobile is practicality in itself.

Some Questions About

Will devices other than iPhones and iPads ever be supported?

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