Easily Organize and Access Your Apps and Links with Desktop.com

A desktop for the web.

We rely on our computers, smartphones and tablets for so much. From working to entertainment to communicating and more, our devices store all the apps we need to get the day’s to-do list done. However, with so many apps and links, devices can quickly become cluttered, making it difficult to find what you need. Desktop.com is here to solve that problem.

Desktop.com organizes web apps and links across all your devices. Designed for individuals, businesses and teams, it declutters your digital environment by keeping all web apps and bookmarks organized, tagged and searchable under one single icon.

Web apps are automatically organized so they’re always easy to find. Desktop.com also lets you manage, tag and sort your links so you don’t lose them. Gone are the days of having to swipe through pages of apps or scroll through an unsearchable list of bookmarked sites. Desktop.com makes it quick and simple to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re one of the many people working from home, Desktop.com is a great resource for collaborating with others while keeping a work/life balance. It lets you create multiple accounts so you can keep your personal and work desktops separate, or set up different desktops for different teams that you’re on. You can even add other people to your desktop. 


Desktop.com includes a variety of helpful features for a great user experience. Key features include:

  • Organized content: Tags, folders and categories are automatically created to save you time and energy. There’s no need to manually organize your apps and saved links.
  • Integrated app store: Browse hundreds of apps in their app store to find helpful new tools to add to your desktop. 
  • Search: Desktop.com’s search feature makes it easy to find the apps and links you’re looking for.
  • Works with multiple devices: You can conveniently access your desktop from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Single Sign On (SSO): Single Sign On allows you to access multiple SSO-supported apps without having to sign into each one individually. 
  • Shareable desktops: Keep your desktop to yourself or share it with others to support collaboration.

Desktop.com for personal use is currently free and includes multiple desktops and unlimited links and apps. A Premium version and Family version are in the works and will include even more helpful features. 

Their business version is designed for teams and is available for a low monthly cost per user. It includes the features of their free version plus Single Sign On, shared desktops, multi-factor authentication, a Desktop.com subdomain, and team management. Their Enterprise version will be available soon with additional features.

Stop staring at a cluttered screen. Stop wasting time trying to find that link or app. It’s time to (finally!) get organized. Desktop.com makes it easy to do just that. Plus, you can access your web-based resources from anywhere, any time – what you need is just a few clicks away. Check it out for yourself at Desktop.com.