Easily Buy or Sell Used Office Furniture With Clear Office

As businesses continue to be affected by COVID-19, many are having employees work from home or moving to smaller offices. With this comes the need to get rid of office furniture that’s no longer being used. This can often leave businesses rushing to meet move-out deadlines, paying brokers thousands of dollars to come remove the furniture, and furniture piled up in the landfill because no one bought the items quickly enough. If this sounds like a situation you may soon be faced with, be sure to check out Clear Office.

Clear Office is an online marketplace for used office furniture. It gives users the power to be proactive in marketing the office furniture they don’t need anymore while preventing furniture from ending up in the trash. Users can sell a wide range of items, from large workstations to small accessories.

Buyers and sellers can register for Clear Office using their email address, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. To sell items, sellers take photos of the furniture and upload them from their phone to the Clear Office mobile app. To buy furniture, buyers search for items by location, price, product type, manufacturer or date available. They can communicate with sellers directly and coordinate delivery with the seller or through Clear Office. Funds are released to the seller via Stripe once the buyer confirms they’ve received the furniture. The seller receives 70% of the funds and Clear Office receives 30%.

Clear Office provides benefits for buyers, sellers and the environment. For buyers, it’s an easy way to find quality office furniture for a fraction of the price of new furniture. For sellers, it’s an easy do-it-yourself way to get rid of unused furniture while making some of the money back. Clear Office also helps the environment by preventing furniture from ending up in the landfill.

A variety of features make Clear Office a convenient option for buying and selling office furniture.

Mobile app: The Clear Office app is available for Android and iOS.

Free: It’s free to list items and free to discover inventories.

Direct communication: Buyers and sellers can communicate directly with each other by sending messages.

Inventory list: If you need to sell furniture but don’t have an inventory list, you can hire Clear Office to provide one for you.

Install drawing: An install drawing shows how the furniture will fit into the buyer’s space and is also used by the furniture install company. If you don’t have an install drawing, you can provide Clear Office with a CAD and, for a fee, they’ll create a test fit showing your office’s layout with the new furniture.

Reviews: Buyers are able to rate their experience and provide feedback on the seller and transaction, which is made public for other buyers and sellers to see.

Installation: Buyers can pay to have their purchased furniture shipped and installed.

Refurbishing: If you buy items but don’t like the colors, Clear Office offers refurbishing services for an additional fee.

Minimum quantity: If you have a large number of items, such as chairs, that you want to sell in bulk rather than individually, you can set a minimum quantity required for purchases.

Zero-touch transactions: Furniture can be shipped, removing the need for in-person sales transactions.

Whether you need to get rid of unused office furniture or are looking for like-new items for your space, Clear Office is worth checking out. Visit clear-office.com to give it a try for yourself.

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