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The Easiest Location Sharing App Out There

Here’s a conversation you’ve almost definitely had before, either on the phone (back in the old days when people still actually called each other) or via text. You’re thinking about going to a party, but you’re not totally sure yet if you want to go. It’s the “Should I put on sweatpants and watch Netflix or should I put on my cute jeans and actually go over there?” point in the night and you could really go either way. What’s the determining factor? Well, it’s probably the answer to the question: Who’s there?


But while in the past you’d have to call or text message a friend to get the answer to your night-determining question, now you can simply check out Forest. Forest is a brand new location sharing app — launching into public beta in November — that makes figuring out where your friends and loved ones are super easy.



Users set up a “forest” and then ask people to join. The app shows the forests that each person is a member on, front and center. They can then tap on that forest to find out who’s there right now. But here’s the great part: you don’t have to check in or do anything at all in order to show up in your forest. All you have to do is be in that location and the app will show that you’re there. That’s it! Super simple.



“We’re really big fans of simple solutions to problems,” co-founder Jay Jennings told KillerStartups. “Forest came to my co-founders and I because we were constantly calling/messaging each other just to see if someone was at home or who was at the office. Although there are a lot of options for location sharing, they all seemed quite bloated and didn’t instantly give us the answer we needed. Forest takes the concept of location sharing and kind of reverses it. Forest puts locations as the main focus, instead of people. No check-ins or maps. Just information about who’s at a place and who isn’t.”


So the party is obviously one situation where you want to know the question to the answer “Who’s there?” but you could also use the Forest location sharing app for keeping track of your coworkers, your family, your students… The possibilities are only limited by the number of types of groups you can think of.


Ready to take the whole process of figuring out where everyone is out of your day? Head over to Forest and sign up to be a part of their public beta today.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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