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Earwurm.comAre you familiarized with the concept or earwurms? I bet you are acquainted with the concept, but you don’t know it by that name. Earwurming is the (often involuntary) practice of lodging a song in anybody’s ears, either by mentioning it during a conversation or by humming a part of it.


This site makes that process easier as you can submit these songs you want to be repeated over and over in other people’s heads. Alternatively, if someone has instilled a song into you the website makes sharing it with others equally easy – you simply submit its name and let everybody know about it.

The Daily Earwurm is actually powered by YouTube, as it is only reasonable – after all, merely sharing the title of a song would not make it start spinning in somebody’s mind. Most people have to listen to the tune for it to stick afterwards. I am completely aware of that, even when my mind works differently and the mere mention of a song’s title sends me off and into orbit. In Their Own Words

“Stick a song in someone’s mind.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who absolutely adore music will find it entertaining. I am not that sure about casual listeners, though.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites like this one, or is this the first of its kind?

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