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EarthTweet.comBy now, everybody is fully aware of the impact Twitter can have when it comes with communicating with others, conveying ideas or getting any point across. It is not surprising to see new portals that gather together tweets that bear a specific hashtag and which revolve around concrete issues – actually, it is starting to feel odd if any important date or event does not have its accompanying Twitter page or campaign to raise awareness about it.


As you can tell by its name, this new site is devoted to tweets related to the upcoming Earth Day. Using it, you can let the rest of the world know about the way you will celebrate such an important date, and inspire and motivate others to do the same. Of course, you can also use this site in order to invite others to your event.

Moreover, the folks behind this initiative will hand out prizes for the best earthtweets that are posted online. Oh, and you can also donate prizes if you feel magnanimous. Hopefully, the upcoming Earth Day will be one to remember. This site is already doing all it can to make a contribution to the cause. What about you? In Their Own Words

“With a new administration and a renewed focus on the environment, Earth Day ’09 is bound to be momentous. Use the #earthtweet tag to share what you’re doing to help celebrate Earth Day. Whether you’re hosting an event, or coming up with a unique way to conserve, your earthtweets will inspire others to get involved.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt way to celebrate an important day, and motivate others to do the same.

Some Questions About

What will happen to the site after Earth Day has come to be?

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