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EarthComber.comTaking the road less travelled can have its advantages. Afterall, you might find something worth coming back for.


EarthComber takes this same Frost approach to life and combs the earth for things off the beaten path. EarthComber is essentially a search engine that’s part recommendation engine and part mobile mashup that allows users worldwide to find simple things when travelling, or even at home (coffeeshops, hotels, restaurants) as well as things most likely not in your average tourbook. EarthComber is about discovery. If you’ve got a cell with GPS, EarthComber can be downloaded and used to find things you’re passionate about whether it be a skislope or a place to eat warm, homemade macaroni and cheese. Once you enter a search, EarthComber will provide you with an address and directions. To use, register and download. It’s completely free and runs off your mobiles data packaging plan. In Their Own Words

“Say hello to your personal radar. Find all of your favorite people and places anywhere in the USA, for Free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

EarthComber is a comprehensive and savvy site whose navigation makes it a breeze to use. It’s quick and efficient and not simply a GoogleMaps/mobile mashup. Rather it wants users to find things they care about.

Some Questions About

Will user find the EarthComber features useful? Will they like the interface? Is EarthComber going to expand to a more worldwide presence?

Author : Bruce Turner

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