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EarthClassMail.comThink of the Earth Class Mail application as the next form of email. You get your postal mail online.


You see the image of the envelope, make the decision to have the mail opened and scanned, recycled, shredded, archived, or forward shipped if necessary. If you decide to have the mail opened and scanned, you get the mail in PDF form which then gives you the ability to print it, store it, read it and then decide final disposition. Earth Class Mail delivers postal mail online – available anytime, anywhere, and managed as easily as your email. No matter where you are, you simply log-in, see all your mail, read what you want, and decide whether to keep or dispose of each piece. You get constant access to your mail without having it physically follow you around or pile-up at home or work. In Their Own Words

“Once you sign-up for our service and change your address to one of our 18 locations throughout the U.S., we scan the outside of each incoming envelope and post it in your online account. You log-in, review the envelopes and direct what should be opened, scanned, recycled, shredded, or forwarded to you. We will soon have check processing, so we can even deposit your checks for you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is the future of mail delivery. The postal industry is the last critical service lacking mobile technology and therefore is ripe for change. Upcoming features including check processing and un-mail-me open up both consumer and business markets for their service.

Some Questions About

How Secure is Earth Class Mail? Will people get used to this change of the mailing service?


Earth Class Mail has been featured in a variety of TV, online, offline articles and reviews because of its innovative approach to receiving your postal mail.

Author : Bruce Turner

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