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Earth2zero.comEarth2zero is a site where environmentally concerned citizens can go to read the most recent news pertaining to the planet, and comment on it as well. There is also a section where the webmaster posts regular opinion articles on the state of the environment.

Also included on this site is a live chat feature where you can speak directly with the webmaster (at time of writing the webmaster wasn’t online) and also a GeoPetition section where people can sign up and then click on a Google-powered map to share their location with other users. While there are currently only a couple of people sharing their location, it is a neat tool to check back on in the future to see who is concerned about the environment and what part of the world they are in. In Their Own Words

“An online community for people who want to discuss and understand more about environmental issues. Voice your opinion and upload documents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a good place to go if you are interested in the environment and want to know the latest news related to it. This could become a popular site for environment activists to share their opinions and organize themselves.

Some Questions About

There are a number of sites that enjoy more instant credibility due to the fact that they are well known. How will Earth2zero convince users that the information contained within is credible? What plans do they have to increase registered users and overall content?