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Earth Prime Shines A Grow Light On Home Gardening Of The Future

Beautify our cities while also lowering rates of violence. Increase student attendance by as much as 60%. Sounds amazing, right? Well, you may be surprised to learn what has a proven track record of making these positive impacts real. It has nothing to do with public policy or elections.


The roots of change are much simpler and more natural: gardening!




No foolin’. According to the Earth Prime website, community and individual gardening improve well-being in the ways already mentioned annnnnd by reducing waste and energy consumption, reducing toxins and enhancing nutrition. Then there’s the satisfaction of growing your own food and eating deliciously fresh meals to factor into the benefits. Sounds really amazing, right?


To turn everybody on to the happy blend of technology and health and gardening, green agriculture company Earth Prime is set to introduce its hydroponic gardening system to the world. The iGardenX is a “vertical garden” and app that make smart gardening easy for everyday consumers at home.


By installing the iGardenX vertical garden, people “can take control over the quality, cost, and [carbon] footprint of their produce.”




It’s no secret that food tastes better the less is has to travel to reach the plate. What’s often overlooked is what remarkable savings better gardening practices yield. Take the steep price of organic herbs as an example. Sustainable growing at home is much cheaper than buying these herbs at the grocery store – where they’ve been shipped frequently from far away, out of season, have excessive packaging, or all of the above. Nothing beats going all of five feet to obtain tasty, vibrant herbs while enjoying their delightful fragrance around the house.


If the perks of the dinner table are already obvious, the urge to go easy on the environment ingrained, iGardenX can still properly blow anyone’s mind with the knowledge that a vertical garden can also regulate the temperature in a house, reducing those painful energy bills. Hello!


A person would be hard pressed to come up with a reason for not wanting this hydroponic home gardening system other than not possessing a green thumb. Hence this reassurance from Earth Prime: “The iGardenX models are easy to assemble, require very little upkeep, eliminate weeds and garden pests.” Plus, they can “help you improve your business, improve your personal health, improve your community, and even improve the world.”


Read: minimal effort, near boundless rewards.


What’s more, the Earth Prime App makes it incredibly easy for both beginners and master gardeners to manage their garden. A plant database and regional growing schedule take the guesswork out of knowing what to grow and when to grow each plant. The app also provides a wellspring of gardening advice and plant suggestions – and even supports ordering supplies for doorstep delivery, for supreme convenience.


So, if you’re keen on boosting your personal health, plant yourself at, or learn more about Earth Prime’s bold designs and how to support their green solutions by visiting their Fundable profile.


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Author : Keith Liles

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