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Earth.orgDo you feel like setting off, yet you are unsure where to head to? If you want to put an end to that dilemma, and do so in a way that takes into consideration everything from how many people make up your party to how much you can spend, this is a site that can be more than practical. In essence, it is a travel guide whose content is wholly provided by users, and they not only supply their input in the shape of articles and reviews but they also socialize through the site.


This social element makes any search that you could carry out through the website come truly alive, as it is possible to ask people who have been somewhere his own take on this or that hotel, and whether or not the beaches at a specific location are suitable for small children, etc.

In any case, the main page devotes a sizable section to travel guide highlights from all over the world. So, when looking for a location or two for you to quietly slide away, a search started there could yield some good results. In Their Own Words

“Open Travel Guide.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a good spot to head to and find relaxation, this might as well show you the way.

Some Questions About

Is the whole world already covered?

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